5 Reasons to Shop A.P. Fray


1. I have over 10 years of retail styling experience.

Yes, it's true (and wow, does that make me feel old), I worked up through pretty much every position in clothing retail you can think of: stock, sales, stylist, visual lead, key holder, floor lead, trainee, store manager, multi-store area manager, you name it, I did it..

and, yes I LOVED it. I loved every part of helping guests put together outfits and find their perfect fits. I loved floor sets, window displays, markdowns, processing shipment, social media marketing, VIP guest calling & texting, recruiting, networking, training, traveling, working with buyers and the list goes on.

2. I hand pick every single vendor to source our clothing by feeling and experiencing their products in person.

My biggest fear in starting an ONLINE store was that the guest doesn't get to EXPERIENCE the quality of the clothing in person by feeling and trying it on. Well, I have eliminated that fear because I made sure to source only quality brands I trust in from my retail history. You can feel confident in everything you purchase being of highest quality product because I have personally seen, touched and tried it on before you (and, believe me, I'm picky ;)) We carry already established brands (such as POL and Qupid), and some smaller name brands, but you can feel confident in purchasing both types!

3. You'll never have to worry about "not finding anything to match it."

One of my favorite things about fashion is styling people. Even though I wont be doing that as much in person anymore, this whole site is geared toward OUTFITTING. You'll see "recommended" pieces for under or over, shoes to match and pictures of models wearing full outfits. Or, you can always check out our blog and insta for more examples. So, whether you are amazing at styling and always up on the latest trends, or you cannot stand shopping and putting things together, we are here to help you and make sure you leave excited about your purchase. :)

4. We are fashionable yet affordable!

Our goal is to provide quality clothing that all ages can enjoy. That is why you will see a mix of price points and brands that make sense for most women. This is also why we consistently post new product based off your feedback and purchases. Oh, and (of course) we love to run promos!! Keep your eye on our emails and Instagram for discount codes!

5. A "Shop Local" vibe but with 24/7 access

Coming from a small town in the Midwest, I LOVE to support hometown boutiques and other entrepreneurs, so the success of this online shop is the first step to opening a physical boutique some day. With that being said, all I want is to make my guests happy so they return again and again.

-An important thing to know is that we house all our inventory at our location (Ohio), so that means it will NOT take multiple weeks for you to receive your order (like many overseas online stores do).

-Any word of mouth advertising is so important to me! Whether it is a review, email, comment, social media tag/like/follow, etc. I love to hear from all of you on what you love and what we can improve :)


Thank you for reading!

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